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Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Consultant, Outlines Four Key Phases of Retirement

In Finance on January 7, 2013 at 11:38 am
Dennis Dachtler Sacramento

Dennis Dachtler Sacramento

In today’s one on one chat with the staff of Presentation Solutions, Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento based financial consultant, speaks of planning early and alleviating boredom after leaving your Nine to Five.

Presentation Solutions: Thanks for joining us today. Retirement is a hot issue. What do you say to young folks just starting their career that haven’t gone grey enough to think about planning ahead just yet?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: I tell them to start now. And I always means now as in right now.

Presentation Solutions: So, the sooner you begin to build a nest egg, the better? Why not wait until you have extra money to save?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: If you wait until you think you have the extra money, you never will. Start now! By putting away even a small percentage, you will help cushion your golden years.

Presentation Solutions: We understand that you say there are four main stages to retirement. What are they?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: Pre-retirement, early retirement, full retirement, and final retirement.

Presentation Solutions: Can you go into detail a bit about each stage?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: Pre-retirement is essentially the planning stages. This is when you decide what you want to do and how much you will need to do it.

Presentation Solutions: Leading to early retirement…

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: This initial active retirement stage is when people are the most active. This is the part of retirement that should be the most enjoyable…it can also be the most expensive depending on how long you are able to get up and go. Many new retirees get bored. I recommend a part time job during this stage to not only supplement savings but to also help ward off boredom.

Presentation Solutions: So, early retirement is different from full retirement?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: In my book, yes it is. Full retirement is the relaxing stage. You are still able to take care of yourself but do so at a slower pace. This is the time to get out and meet other people of a certain age to enjoy the local scene…a social group, a book club, that sort of thing.

Presentation Solutions: Which brings us to final retirement.

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: This is commonly the part when health and mobility become an issue. Most adults at this time begin to really think about either moving in with family or entering an assisted are facility.

Presentation Solutions: So, how hard is it to plan for retirement?

Dennis Dachtler, Sacramento Wealth Planner: It can be tough for many Americans. Stocks, bonds, insurance…it can be confusing. I definitely recommend using the services of an experienced retirement planner like Dachtler Wealth Management to help organize and manage your assets.

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Marketers LLC Helps Businesses Understand Social Media Needs

In Marketing on January 7, 2013 at 9:41 am

Marketers LLC regularly answers the question: How important is social media to my business? Not everyone is comfortable with communicating this way, Marketers LLC reminds us. But with most businesses actively engaging in social media, Marketers LLC sees it as a must-have for every company interested in competing.

At one time, Marketers LLC observed that a company website was enough for a company to succeed. Today, however, Marketers LLC finds that a business must have a website in addition to participating in social media sites. These social media sites include Facebook and Twitter, Marketers LLC describes, as well as less talked about sites like Google+, YouTube, and even Pinterest and Instagram. To properly engage customers, Marketers LLC believes a business must first identify customers on their own home turf.

According to Marketers LLC, the definition of social media has expanded in recent years. Today, Marketers LLC believes “social media” can refer to posting status updates, sharing videos and photos, commenting on blog posts and status updates from others, and posting articles and blogs. Social media, Marketers LLC explains, is simply interacting socially using the Internet.

With any new website Marketers LLC helps clients develop, they strongly advise incorporating socialization into design. This can include providing a client’s Twitter feed into the site’s main page, Marketers LLC describes, or sharing informative videos. Most often, Marketers LLC finds that it includes a blog or articles that are regularly updated, providing fresh content to keep visitors coming back.

When determining how to socialize a client’s site, Marketers LLC always considers the client’s core customers. Each social media site has its own demographic, Marketers LLC explains, and social media marketing campaigns work best when targeted accordingly. Facebook tends to be a general site that everyone uses, Marketers LLC adds, making the site a catchall for all campaigns. Journalists, writers, and celebrity-followers tend to gravitate toward Twitter, where Marketers LLC reports the environment is more open for peeking into the lives of others.

To socialize a website, Marketers LLC strongly advises businesses include “Follow Us” and “Like Us” links near the top of a web page. This spreads the word about a business to others and adds followers for future marketing efforts.

Sharing and retweeting are options that can be added after each action a customer takes, according to Marketers LLC. As Marketers LLC further describes, when a customer reviews a business or writes a comment on a business’s blog post, those businesses can invite customers to share that post with others. This is a great way to socialize your business without directly asking customers to join, concludes Marketers LLC.

Kavin Austin Blake Discusses Travel and Fishing

In Personal on January 7, 2013 at 5:58 am
Kavin Austin Blake

Kavin Austin Blake

For Kavin Austin Blake, there’s something profoundly relaxing about putting a fishing line in the water. The combination of sun, water, waves and anticipation hold a special allure for Kavin Austin Blake. It’s an anticipation that comes to fruition, when the line gives a hard jerk and a fish that weighs several hundred pounds starts running. That’s when Kavin Austin Blake comes to life and starts working the rod and reel in a fight of man against fish, a fight where there can only be one winner.

Kavin Austin Blake has played out this scenario in some of the most exciting locations on earth. It’s the passion and love of fishing that has taken Kavin Austin Blake to the coasts of California, the Florida Keys and Carolina. Not content to remain in the States, Kavin Austin Blake has also gone after oversize fish off the coast of Nova Scotia and British Columbia. It’s the combination of travel and fishing that Kavin Austin Blake finds so fulfilling and satisfying. Kavin Austin Blake loves to feel as though he’s one with nature when he’s on the fighting chair at the back of a deep sea boat, and the new locales and new cultures of travel help to open horizons for Kavin Austin Blake.

Kavin Austin Blake has a passion and a love for new places; after his return, he comes back to the everyday world fresher and more engaged. It’s almost a spiritual experience for Kavin Austin Blake, taking in the totality of a new place, with its people, cuisine, attitudes, music and culture. It’s this passion that is one of the first things that people notice about Kavin Austin Blake when they meet him. For some people, fishing may be a hobby or a pastime; for Kavin Austin Blake, it’s a big part of his reason for living. It’s the combination of adventure, travel, fishing and exploring that gives Kavin Austin Blake a positive approach to life and a broad-minded attitude toward so many things. Not everyone can claim his experiences, taking in some of the most exciting destinations on earth and reeling in 1000-pound fish along the way. That’s a rare combination, affirms Kavin Austin Blake, that can’t help but shape a person’s outlook and worldview in many diverse and interesting ways.

Rich Von – How Pop Warner Football Gives Back

In Professionals on January 1, 2013 at 4:09 pm
Rich Von

Rich Von

According to ardent supporter Rich Von, Pop Warner Football provides youth the opportunity to become involved in sports at a young age, helping to build discipline and a competitive spirit. Rich Von became involved with Pop Warner Football after his son graduated from high school. He realized that he missed being part of the game. Von says that parents can register children in Pop Warner Football at five years of age and they can play until they are sixteen, at which point they often become involved in high school football and possibly college football.

Founded in 1929, Pop Warner provides youth the opportunity to learn to dance, play football, and cheer from a young age, Rich Von says. This preparation gives youth the skills they need to participate in school sports, with many students having a clear competitive advantage in trying out for these activities, Rich Von has found. Additionally, Rich Von and other parents report that participating in sports helps keep children busy, thus preventing them from getting into trouble.

Another important component of the organization is Pop Warner’s academic requirement. As Rich Von explains, Pop Warner participants must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or equivalent, which in many areas is a C average. Rich Von finds many of the youth on his team exceed this requirement by far, and with the focus and discipline they learn playing football they find an overall determination that helps them in all areas of their lives.

Rich Von and other Pop Warner coaches believe that their coaching should help develop youth across a variety of areas, creating well-rounded children who excel in every part of their lives. The academic requirement underlines Pop Warner’s message that to succeed in life, children must always strive to better themselves, Rich Von describes.

According to Rich Von, parents can sign children up for Pop Warner at the organization’s website, or by calling their local chapter. Some parents may want to attend a game or practice before committing, Rich Von points out. Rich Von emphasizes that there is no cutting of children from Pop Warner’s rosters, so children’s egos are built up, helping give them the confidence they need to continue to pursue what they want in life long after their association with Pop Warner ends.

Rich Von has more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry, having worked in sales and marketing prior to that. As a business owner, Rich Von knows the importance of building self-esteem from a young age in order to encourage children to continue to strive to reach their goals throughout their lives.