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Green Water Technologies on How to Protect Property With Pro Elite Systems

In General on October 11, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Green-Water-Technologies-Woman-Water-SystemGreen Water Technologies, located in San Antonio, Texas, assists a wide range of homes and businesses with their water treatment needs. In this interview, Green Water Technologies describes how hard water can have a negative impact on properties and suggests the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE as a viable solution to this widespread problem.

Presentation Solutions: What’s the primary focus of Green Water Technologies?

Green Water Technologies: Safety comes first for every project. The licensed staff focuses on water quality for all purposes. The Pro Elite Systems, which is high-efficiency and Energy Star-certified, accomplishes this goal.

Presentation Solutions: How can water be unsafe?

Green Water Technologies: Water may contain hidden particles that will break down pipes, clog appliances, and generally cost people money and energy.  However, water is generally safe to consume.

Presentation Solutions: Is there a way to make water more desirable?

Green Water Technologies: Yes. In fact, recent studies have shown that homes and businesses alike can be protected by using softened water. The Pro Elite System rewards the customer with quality water throughout a home or business.

Presentation Solutions: Who conducted these studies?

Green Water Technologies: The Water Quality Research Foundation created these innovative studies, which have presented significant evidence about softened water and its positive effects on the entire property.

Presentation Solutions: What’s one of their key findings?

Green Water Technologies: Water heaters are one major example. According to these extensive studies, gas water heaters that are operated on softened water have held their factory efficiency rating throughout their 15-year lifetime.

Presentation Solutions: How does hard water change the results?

Green Water Technologies: In the presence of hard water, about one-half of the original efficiency was lost in most test cases.

Presentation Solutions: Was there an appreciable difference with electric water heaters?

Green Water Technologies: In electric water heaters, the overall life of the heating element has been shortened due largely to scale buildup found inside the unit.

Presentation Solutions: What does this mean for the consumer?

Green Water Technologies: This can mean having to replace the unit much sooner than necessary.

Presentation Solutions: How else does softened water help a property?

Green Water Technologies: Users can save both energy and money by using much less dishwasher or laundry detergent just through the introduction of softened water. Needless to say, this reduction in product usage saves money for the consumer.

Presentation Solutions: That’s a valuable perk.

Green Water Technologies: Very much so, but that’s not all. Individuals or businesses may have purchased extended warranties for expensive household products. By using a water softener, people create their own extended warranties that will actually increase and enhance the life of this valuable equipment.

Presentation Solutions: What are some other benefits of softened water?

Green Water Technologies: The benefits of softened water include cleaner clothes, fewer spots on dishes, less shower film, and better soap lather.

Green Water Technologies believes that softened water is an investment well worth exploring. For more information on Green Water Technologies, visit

YOR Health Products Provide Easy-To-Use Complete Nutrition

In General on October 7, 2013 at 1:02 pm

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health has been strategically designing top-of-the-line health and wellness products since 2008. YOR Health products are formulated with an innovative enzyme delivery system to maximize nutrient absorption. With YOR Health products, thousands of customers across the globe have boosted their success to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. The following interview offers advice on how to get the most out of YOR Health products every day.

Presentation Solutions: Tell us about YOR Nutrition Delivery System. What does it consist of and what does it do?

YOR Health Products Team: The YOR Nutrition Delivery System provides quality nutrition and consists of two phases. Phase one is designed to kick start the program and consists of YOR Basic Set, which wakes up the digestion and infuses the body with energy and nutrition.

Presentation Solutions: What about phase two? 

YOR Health Products Team: Phase two begins in the second month and lets you choose one customized plan to help you reach your particular health goal.

Presentation Solutions: How soon after taking YOR Health products do you notice a difference in your body?

YOR Health Products Team: It really depends on the person. Many people notice a difference in the first week or two, some even after the first day. Two weeks seems to be the average time for most people.

Presentation Solutions: Can YOR Health products fit into the daily routine?

YOR Health Products Team: Yes. YOR Health products are very easy to fit into a daily routine. The day starts with taking one Probiotic Ultra capsule, and two Repair capsules with 8 ounces of water. The same thing happens before bed time.

Presentation Solutions: In addition to capsules, what else can you have for breakfast?

YOR Health Products Team: You can have a delicious YOR Shake in vanilla or chocolate. For extra fiber we recommend adding additional YOR Health products such as YOR SuperGreens and YOR Fiber Plus. This is a wonderful way to jump-start the metabolism and get the nutrients needed to power the day.

Presentation Solutions: How do you prepare the shakes?

YOR Health Products Team: It’s really easy. Put the Shake of your choice in a blender with 8 to 10 ounces of water and some ice to create a delicious shake or shake it in the YOR Shaker Cup for approximately 40 seconds. The result is a 140-calorie shake with less than a gram of sugar.

Presentation Solutions: What should be taken with lunch and dinner?

YOR Health Products Team: Enjoy a healthy meal for lunch and dinner. But before you do, take one YOR Digest Ultra and two YOR Essential Vitamins with 8 ounces of water.

Presentation Solutions: Many people crave something around 3 p.m. Do YOR Health products provide any snacks?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Berry Blast is a great snack for on the go. It is a revolutionary blend of 19 all natural fruits and berries and contains less than a gram of sugar. YOR Health products will help keep your energy levels steady.

Presentation Solutions: How do you prepare YOR Berry Blast?

YOR Health Products Team: It’s super easy and it doesn’t even require a blender. Just pour a packet of YOR Berry Blast into a water bottle and shake. Your nutrient-packed snack is ready in just seconds.

Presentation Solutions: What if you forget to take any YOR Health products?

YOR Health Products Team: This could happen, especially in the beginning. We tell customers not to be too hard on themselves and not give up. Consistency over a long period of time is what matters most.

Biking Through Paradise: Derrick Strauss Recalls 2006 Ride the Rockies Tour

In General on September 26, 2013 at 8:12 am

Derrick StraussDerrick Strauss lives in the suburbs of Denver and is an avid biker, hiker and cycler. In 2006, Derrick Strauss was fortunate enough to participate in the Ride the Rockies Tour—an experience he says brought him face to face with unimaginable beauty and unparalleled camaraderie.

The route

According to Derrick Strauss, the 2006 event was 419 miles starting in Cortez, Colo., and ending in Cañon City. The first 48 miles to Durango precede a near 90 mile trek to Pagosa Springs. From Pagosa Springs, Derrick Strauss reports that the entourage traveled approximately 15 miles, crossing the border into Chama, N.M. Heading over to Alamosa—a distance of 83 miles—the bikers hit Cumbres Pass and La Manga Pass, which Derrick Strauss points out are both at a height of more than 10,000 feet.

The final 150 miles of the six-day ride were exhausting, says Derrick Strauss, with another 9,000 foot ascent over Poncha Pass and finally closing at Cañon City.

The sites

Derrick Strauss recalls the ride, which was directed by Paul Balaguer, offered cyclists the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of nature and history.

Starting in Cortez, at the Mesa Verde National Park, Derrick Strauss notes that many attendees chose to visit the Kiva Ceremonial Chambers and the Anasazi cliff dwellings. These homes were constructed between 1212 and 1276 A.D., explains Derrick Strauss, and were actually built into the existing landscape, offering both structure and security. In the park, the group was able to get up close to the Spruce Tree House—the third-largest cliff dwelling in the park.

Along the route to Pagosa Springs, Derrick Strauss reports that puffy white clouds and expansive blue skies made some of the more unusual mountaintops look almost surreal. Derrick Strauss recalls that many of the riders stayed at the Pagosa Springs Resort on the third night to visit the local Catholic church, which is famous for its small garden and shine. The resort, says Derrick Strauss, overlooks a bluff-lined river and is set amid some of the most beautiful scenery on the tour.

Derrick Strauss quips that the highlight of his journey was on day five when none other than Mr. Potato Head made an appearance to strengthen morale.

Amazing support

Derrick Strauss reports that along the way there were numerous aid stations and rest stops. Bikers were given plenty of water and opportunity to maintain their road-weary bikes. Throughout the entire trip, event organizers were never far away, keeping a watchful eye over participants to ensure everyone’s safety and success, says Derrick Strauss.

It is obvious, insists Derrick Strauss, that the entire state of Colorado supports this and similar events. Along the way, he reports meeting many strangers who commended the group for their efforts to raise awareness about the state’s natural beauty. Throughout the journey, Derrick Strauss says that everyone stayed positive and seemed to really enjoy the chance to get to know one another.

According to Derrick Strauss, the Denver Post created the Ride the Rockies Bicycle Tour in 1986. The event immediately grabbed the attention of more than 1,500 riders from across the country. Today, the ride receives more than 4,000 applications, though a lottery system limits actual registrants to just 2,000—a manageable number for both organizers and road traffic, says Derrick Strauss.

Lindsay Rosenwald on Abiraterone and the Acquisition of Cougar Biotechnology

In Business, General, Technology on September 26, 2013 at 6:34 am

Lindsay RosenwaldLindsay Rosenwald is a medical doctor and finance expert who specializes in investing in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical research. Lindsay Rosenwald founded Cougar Biotechnology to continue research and development on abiraterone acetate, a drug that combats hormone-resistant prostate cancer. Johnson & Johnson acquired the company in 2009.

Drug development

Development on abiraterone acetate first began in the 1990s, recalls Lindsay Rosenwald. The drug was reviewed by a number of medical investment firms who declined participation. Lab results eventually ended up on the desk of Lindsay Rosenwald, and Cougar Biotechnology then purchased production rights for approximately $500,000.

According to Lindsay Rosenwald, abiraterone acetate enjoyed unparalleled success in its first clinical trials in 2004. The drug proved to induce a decline in prostate-specific antigen levels in patients who had received chemotherapy but were refractory to it. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald further explains that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug after an extremely successful phase 3 clinical study. During the study, the results in the control group were so profound that the trial was halted and placebo participants were given the drug, reports Lindsay Rosenwald.

Abiraterone is an androgen biosynthesis inhibitor (ABI) that directly affects the androgen biosynthesis pathway by inhibiting CYP17 (17α-hydroxylase/C17, 20-lyase). Consequently, androgen biosynthesis is inhibited at 3 sources of testosterone production: the testes, adrenal glands, and prostate tumor tissue. Androgen biosynthesis inhibition results in decreased levels of serum testosterone and other androgens. Androgen-deprivation therapies—such as gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs or orchiectomy—decrease androgen production in the testes, but do not affect androgen production by the adrenal glands or in the tumor.

As Lindsay Rosenwald reports, abiraterone was approved under the brand name Zytiga and released in April 2011. Zytiga’s approval came after clinical studies of nearly 1,200 late-stage prostate cancer patients showed the overall survival rate was significantly extended after taking the drug, says Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald.

Company acquisition

Lindsay Rosenwald reports that in July 2009, Johnson & Johnson completed its acquisition of Cougar Biotechnology. The acquisition took place after Johnson & Johnson purchased approximately 20,150,000 shares of Cougar Biotechnology stock through a short-form merger.

Johnson & Johnson spent approximately $1 billion to procure Cougar Biotechnology. At the time, Lindsay Rosenwald reports that Cougar Biotechnology was in the process of conducting Phase III clinical trials for abiraterone acetate.

Today, Cougar Biotechnology operates as a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and works alongside Ortho Biotech Oncology Research & Development. Lindsay Rosenwald reports that Ortho Biotech is also a Johnson & Johnson company and operates under the umbrella of Centocor Research & Development.

The future of abiraterone

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald reports that abiraterone acetate may also be indicated to treat advanced breast cancer. Studies performed at the University of London’s Institute of Cancer Research have shown promising results. According to the Institute of Cancer Research website, abiraterone acetate may be most useful for women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, says Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald.

Lindsay Rosenwald reports that Zytiga is slated to become a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical in the coming years and is proud to have been a pioneer of its success. Thousands of lives have been prolonged thanks to the drug, and Lindsay Rosenwald believes that many more will be prolonged or saved in the future.

Cougar Biotechnology was founded to focus on finding medical assets with considerable intrinsic value, says Lindsay Rosenwald. The company achieved its goal by offering a notable new alternative in advanced oncological medication.

Paul Kadri: How Good to Great by Jim Collins Impacted His Managerial Philosophy

In General, Professionals on September 8, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Paul-Kadri-Good-to-GreatPaul Kadri, a 16-year public school administrator, has been on the forefront of education reform in order to help schools improve student achievement. In this interview, Paul Kadri shares how the research presented by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great was instrumental in his successes.

Presentation Solutions: When did you first become aware of the book Good to Great?

Paul Kadri: I actually don’t know. It feels like it’s been part of my thinking for so long, that I don’t remember a time when it was not there. Collins also wrote a supplement specifically for the social sector.

Presentation Solutions: Can you give an overview about the premise of the book before we dive into the details?

Paul Kadri: Sure. Collins and his team looked at businesses from various industries and identified those that stood out from their peers, having moved from a good position to one that he identifies as great. He then looked at these companies to see what common qualities they had that allowed them to make that shift.

Presentation Solutions: Were there many aspects that helped those companies achieve greatness?

Paul Kadri: Collins highlights many significant components that his research team found. One of them—leadership—was a component they originally assumed would not be included but later showed clear evidence of having impacted the organization. What was unusual was the type of leadership found in great organizations.

Presentation Solutions: Before we get to a discussion on leadership, is there one aspect of the book that you think is most important?

Paul Kadri: The first line in his book is by far the most important. He states, “Good is the enemy of great.” This is an amazingly powerful statement. Most people believe that you become great by improving good. That is a trap. Very often, the skills that allow an organization to be good have limits that keep it from being great. If an organization truly wishes to be great, it needs to consider starting from scratch and developing skills whose processes won’t have those same limits.

Presentation Solutions: Very interesting. So now, tell us how leadership plays a role in great companies?

Paul Kadri: Many assumed that the charismatic and boisterous leader would be the ideal candidate for bringing greatness to an organization. Collins found that not to be true. While many are outstanding leaders who have achieved great success, in terms of running a great organization that sustains greatness, the leadership quality is quite different. Said simply, it is a modest person who is interested in knowing “the brutal facts,” is singularly driven for organizational (not personal) success, and makes sure that all decisions are correct and in line with the mission of the organization.

Presentation Solutions: That seems pretty obvious, don’t you think?

Paul Kadri: It does, but you would be amazed how many times decisions are made not to promote the mission, but to please an individual, remove a bad situation, or otherwise.

Presentation Solutions: What is another part of the book that resonated with you?

Paul Kadri: Collins talks about putting the right people “on the bus” and in the “right seats.” This means hiring the right people and putting them in positions where their strengths are maximized. In a separate interview, Collins spoke about education. He suggested that one gets tenure after one proves they are exceptional, not as a result of not doing something wrong.

Presentation Solutions: Have you tried this concept?

Paul Kadri: Yes. We significantly increased the rigor of our hiring process and placed extra emphasis on supporting new teachers. Even the best teachers need support from experienced staff and administrators when they first start.

Presentation Solutions: If someone were to work for you, would reading this book give him or her insight as to how you operate?

Paul Kadri: It is funny you should mention that, because it is true. I purchased the book for all administrators in the district so that they could understand the concepts and frameworks. This gives them great insight as to how I lead the organization. The Board of Education also adopted this framework.

Presentation Solutions: Do you think you operate as the leader defined in Good to Great?

Paul Kadri: The top leader, called Level V, is a modest person who is hungry for knowing the real facts and is singularly committed to the success of the organization. In all three of these areas I am absolutely aligned. There is one component that I’m not sure about. I’m a very emotional person. One gets the feeling that the Level V leader is a more stoic character.

Presentation Solutions: Do you think you’ll ever be stoic?

Paul Kadri: I’m not sure about that. I show my emotions and I don’t even know I’m doing it. It doesn’t make me a great poker player.

Presentation Solutions: To conclude, is there anything notable that Collins points out about the public sector?

Paul Kadri: Yes, he states that the power structure is very different in the public sector. For example, teachers with tenure have more power than employees in a business. As such, the leader could face more resistance. This requires that the leader have skills to make the right decision even in the face of resistance. He is very clear that he is not talking about consensus, but about educating and building relationships to assist in making the right decisions. He goes on to say that this is a skill that would benefit business leaders.

Paul Kadri was last superintendent in the Groton public schools in Connecticut. He is widely known for his success in improving student achievement while maintaining fiscal restraints. Often called a change agent, Paul Kadri is first and foremost unwaveringly committed to the success of his students. For more information about Paul Kadri, visit his website at

Aldo Disorbo Explains Benefits of Moving Brokerage

In Business, General on August 19, 2013 at 9:11 am

Aldo-Disorbo-Call-Center-Presentation-SolutionsLike finding the perfect house, Aldo Disorbo says using a moving broker can make moving an easier, cheaper, and more pleasurable experience.

Q: What is a moving broker?

Aldo Disorbo: A moving broker is someone that acts as an intermediary between the customer and a pool of service providers.

Q: What are the benefits to using an agency such as this?

Aldo Disorbo: For my customers at Nationwide Relocation Services, we find that we can save them up to 70 percent off of their moves.

Q: And how is that?

Aldo Disorbo: Every day, hundreds of trucks are performing moves all throughout the Continental U.S. It’s very common, these trucks will continue to their next destination empty. Our affiliates will notify us of the location of their unfilled trucks so we can connect them to nearby customers in need. Thanks to this streamlined process, we will be able to offer incredible discounts.

Q: So Nationwide Relocation Services is not an actual moving company?

Aldo Disorbo: No, we are not a moving company and we will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but we will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of their household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier.

Q: But aren’t all moving companies the same?

Aldo Disorbo: Not at all. Many moving companies only offer local moves. Others focus on long-distance or international moves. Some companies don’t have the capability to transfer large items such as pianos or vehicles.

Q: So you have a way to input the customers’ requirements to match them to providers in their area?

Aldo Disorbo: Absolutely. And again, at a highly competitive price.

Q: It seems like there are a lot of moving brokers nowadays.

Aldo Disorbo: Yes, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, Nationwide Relocation Services was one of the first. The system that we have in place has served as a model for many other companies over the years.

Q: What happens when a customer is not happy with the quality of service?

Aldo Disorbo: We hold all of our contractors highly accountable for everything they do. It doesn’t happen often, but when we do have an issue we take every step to rectify it immediately.

Q: How do you determine who the best moving services are?

Aldo Disorbo: We actually have an internal rating system. The system flags customer service agents as to who the best available is. This makes it much easier to provide quality providers to our customers.

Q: So Nationwide Relocation Services really does all the legwork?

Aldo Disorbo: Yes. We have a remarkably efficient system in place. We have helped thousands of individuals find the right relocation service provider.

Q: With the accessibility of information online, are moving brokers becoming obsolete?

Aldo Disorbo: Just the opposite is true. The Internet can be a wonderful portal of information but that information can also be tainted. It can be very difficult to filter through search results. It is also very time-consuming to compare pricing, service options, and availability.

Q: What is the future of the moving brokerage business?

Aldo Disorbo: I believe that this is an industry that is here to stay. Using a moving broker affords the customer the opportunity to rely on someone else’s expertise in the area so that they can focus on what’s important to them — whether it be getting to a new home or relocating entire office.

Q: How do you think moving brokerage firms can be better in the future?

Aldo Disorbo: I firmly believe that it all comes down to the customer, although sadly, many businesses don’t see it that way. It is our customers that drive us and having fulfilled customers inspires us to continue to pave a path of success for Nationwide Relocation Services and other companies like it.

Q: Do you rely on customer feedback?

Aldo Disorbo: Yes, we do. Each company that we utilize is rated by the most reliable experts – the customer.

Q: What exactly do you grade them on?

Aldo Disorbo: Customer service, efficiency, courtesy, and professionalism. Low marks in any of these categories can trigger an investigation by our quality control.

Q: It sounds like Nationwide Relocation Services keeps a close eye on their service providers.

Aldo Disorbo: Our reputation depends on our customers’ happiness. We cannot and will not allow that to be tainted by poor service.

Q: Well, we appreciate you being with us today we look forward to talking to you again in the future.

Aldo Disorbo: Thank you very much for having me.

Aldo Disorbo is the founder of Nationwide Relocation Services. The company utilizes his 30+ years of experience in the industry to recognize quality service providers and to match these companies with clients across the United States. Nationwide Relocation Services can help with long-distance moves.

Time Principles: Tips for Smart Time Management

In General on August 4, 2013 at 8:05 am

6How you spend your time is more valuable than money. Once you spend it, you can’t get it back. By employing smart time management techniques, one can become more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. Time is a precious asset, and using time management techniques can improve both one’s personal and professional lives.

Tackle tedious tasks first

Start off with tasks that annoy you most because they drain you of energy, such as the car that needs an oil change, or booking that dentist appointment. By writing them down and planning to eliminate them, you are taking the first step to freeing up time for things you prefer to do.



If you aren’t utilizing your team—whether that’s your staff, spouse or family—you will get overwhelmed. If you’re taking on too much, you aren’t being efficient, either. It benefits everyone to rely on each other.


Say “no”

To make time for what matters most, you must say no to some things that don’t. Ask yourself throughout the day, “Is this the best use of my time, right now?” We feel like we’re letting people down when we decline requests, but in reality we aren’t doing anyone a favor by taking on things we don’t have time to do, then falling through on them.


Time wasters

Identify things at home that waste your time. Perhaps friends call for small talk or a favorite television show comes on during the day. Try to eliminate these time wasters. Studies show the average American watches 2.7 hours of TV a day. Cut that down to just one hour and spend the other 1.7 hours getting things done. Internet, Facebook, Twitter can also be considered time wasters. Limit time spent on each site to a certain number of minutes, a certain number of times per day. The key is self-control and discipline.


Make time for people you love most

Remember why you love your family and friends. Think of your shared experiences and memories, your time together, and intentionally create new memories by investing your time where it matters most.

Internet Safety for Kids

In General on June 26, 2013 at 4:49 am

presolThe Internet is the answer to a parent’s need to provide unlimited information for children’s educational needs. It is also a parent’s nightmare of uncensored information readily accessible to anyone who knows how to click and surf the Web.

The World Wide Web is a wealth of infinite possibilities—a collection of all knowledge every produced or accumulated by mankind since the dawn of time, and available on smartphone the size of a shirt pocket. The scary part is that a 5-year-old child is probably savvier about its use than the majority of adults around her or him. So what’s a parent to do?

First of all, don’t wait until some ideal time to broach the subject with your children. Start early and establish definite boundaries. The Internet can be fun for kids, so start with entertainment and games, then slip in a lesson or two about what is good information and what is bad. Most 2-year-olds can operate a smartphone and click around a computer, so it’s not too early to teach boundaries and rules.

There is a fine line between protecting children and completely invading their privacy. Even kids entering young adulthood should be allowed a certain degree of privacy in order to develop into responsible adults who can make good choices for themselves. Parents have a responsibility to guide children to good choices.

Guiding children to good choices

Parents should develop open discussions with children early on. Assure them it is OK to talk about any issues they face. Stay informed about current cyber threats and trends so you can teach your children to be safe. Some of the most common threats are sexual predators, hate speech, bullying, phishing, radicalization and more. Find out what the latest threats are and develop a plan for how to tackle each one.

Keep your computer in a common area of your home. Kids are less likely to encounter online trouble if an adult is nearby. “Friend” and follow their online activities. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest make it easy for anyone to post any sort of information online, even information that is dangerous or inappropriate. If your child knows you are interested in their activities and social media sites, they may pause before clicking on that link or hitting that send button.

Parents also have access to online monitoring tools such as TrueCare, Avira and Instant Checkmate. These monitoring systems are more about identifying danger signs than about spying. They can target keywords like alcohol, drugs and suicide, and send weekly reports to parents. They can also alert parents to potential risks such as bullying, stalking or abuse. Avira will email you if a sex offender friends your child or if inappropriate photos of him or her appear on the Internet. With Instant Checkmate, you can find out if a stranger is showing an interest in your child and get a comprehensive background check on the individual in question.

Stay informed so you don’t have to stand behind your child and watch over his or her shoulder when they are on the computer. You will rest easier and your child will be safer for your continued involvement.

Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) on Benefits of Keeping Kosher in Today’s Market

In General on June 6, 2013 at 10:52 am

KSA KosherKosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher), a kosher certification not-for-profit agency in the western United States, has seen a rapid increase in the popularity of kosher food products in recent years. According to KSA, kosher certification has turned into a real coup for many food providers.

Presentation Solutions: Is the popularity of kosher foods increasing gradually – or is it a marked improvement?

KSA Kosher: There is a much higher demand these days for kosher products. Although the practice of keeping kosher is attached to Judaism, people of various denominations and cultures continue to follow these dietary standards.

Presentation Solutions: Has the kosher foods trend been adopted by grocers?

KSA Kosher: Our experience is that supermarkets and health food stores are continually seeking out opportunities to put kosher food products on their shelves.

Presentation Solutions: How many kosher food items are there?

KSA Kosher: Consumers have a choice of over 75,000 kosher food items on the market.

Presentation Solutions: Are these mainly from one company?

KSA Kosher: More than 10,000 companies are involved in kosher food production.

Presentation Solutions: So do consumers see a lot of variety?

KSA Kosher: Absolutely. An additional 3,000 products are introduced to the marketplace annually for the first time.

Presentation Solutions: This must translate into huge sales.

KSA Kosher: Consumers now spend about $165 billion on products certified as kosher, compared with an average of $250 million in the late 1970s.

Presentation Solutions: Do consumers truly believe kosher is better?

KSA Kosher: Yes. Surveys regularly note that consumers hold kosher products in higher regard, at a rate of 25% on average.

Presentation Solutions: Why do you think that is?

KSA Kosher: Food with the kosher certification is consistently viewed as being a higher quality product.

Presentation Solutions: What should be attributed to the rise in popularity of kosher-certified foods?

KSA Kosher: As health becomes a growing concern, consumers are paying more attention than ever to the ingredients listing on their food products – along with the nutritional information display.

Presentation Solutions: Are kosher diets vegetarian?

KSA Kosher: This is a common misconception. Poultry, beef and fish are often considered kosher.

Presentation Solutions: Is preparation important?

KSA Kosher: Kosher birds and mammals have to be slaughtered in a manner that falls within a firm set of standards.

Presentation Solutions: Is kosher food just for Jewish consumers?

KSA Kosher: Jewish consumers comprise about 45% of the kosher food market, but many others are seeking out kosher food as well.

Presentation Solutions: Who are other prominent kosher consumers?

KSA Kosher: Millions of Muslims follow a similar routine called halal, and they make up about 20% of the market.

Presentation Solutions: What other religions might practice being kosher?

KSA Kosher: Christian sects such as Seventh Day Adventists hold specific dietary standards that are similar to Judaism.  For example, pork is not allowed for Seventh Day Adventists.

Presentation Solutions: What about those individuals who are not Jewish but find they have specific dietary needs?

KSA Kosher: The lactose intolerant, or those who have a milk allergy, often prefer following a kosher diet as well.

Presentation Solutions: How can those consumers determine which ones are dairy products?

KSA Kosher: These individuals must be diligent about checking labels before consumption. A bold letter “D” generally indicates a dairy product.

Presentation Solutions: How are non-dairy products separated from their counterparts?

KSA Kosher: Products which contain any dairy ingredient will carry the traditional kosher symbol with the letter “D.”

About KSA Kosher: At KSA, kosher certification is the top priority. As the leading kosher certification agency in the western United States, KSA has received commendations from numerous synagogues and rabbis throughout the world for its dedication to kosher practices.