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Stephen Pitz | Fine Arts Programs in School Can Help Reduce Student Stress

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Stephen Pitz knows first hand about the benefits that arts can contribute to a school program. Being a former educator, Stephen Pitz believes that fine arts must be kept in schools for students. Why? Because according to Stephen Pitz, students who choose to take part in arts and theatre programs grow into more mature and well-balanced young adults. Stephen Pitz is so passionate about fine arts that he is currently pursuing a writing career.
Students who take part in fine arts programs learn how to handle daily stress better, according to Stephen Pitz. Understanding how to handle stress and pressure is a crucial part of growing up. Stephen Pitz claims that arts and theatre programs teach students this important ability.
Fine arts activities also tend to make students more responsible, continues Stephen Pitz. Acquiring the self-discipline to practice an instrument or memorizing lines for a part in the play helps students grow. Stephen Pitz asserts that the skills that come with fine arts are not specifically found in any other subject. Because of this, Stephen Pitz believes that taking art programs out of public schools would cause a serious blow to creative thinking.
Stephen Pitz argues that becoming involved in arts or theatre programs in school is one of the best decisions a student can make. Participating students generally become more mature and trustworthy. Also, Stephen Pitz points out that fine arts offer good-natured fun. Stephen Pitz feels that young people who are able to have fun in an arts-based setting are better able to withstand peer pressure. Because students can gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, they are better able to resist the temptation to give in to negative social pressures, concludes Stephen Pitz.

Joseph Merlo – Keeping Our World Green – Joseph Merlo

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Keeping Our World Green | Joseph Merlo Discusses the Major Sources of Pollution

Environmentalist and American businessman Joseph Merlo weighs in on the state of today’s environmental conservation movement, particularly the major sources of pollution.


Joseph Merlo ranks industrial production as the primary producer of pollutants on the planet. The industrial process, explains Joseph Merlo, creates hundreds of harmful chemical by-products. Joseph Merlo says that these substances exist as gases, liquids, and solids. A typical oil refinery or metal works facility, points out Joseph Merlo, spews enough gaseous waste into the sky that it affects local weather and eventually settles into the surrounding soil. Joseph Merlo cites a study of a metallurgy facility that established a 25-mile radius of polluted soil around the factory. For 25 miles around the factory, clarifies Joseph Merlo, the soil was tainted simply from the facility’s smokestacks. This high-density industrial pollution, adds Joseph Merlo, has been going on at the hands of humanity for at least two centuries.

Housekeeping supplies

It should come as no surprise, continues Joseph Merlo, that the environmental havoc wreaked by large-scale industrial production also trickles into the home. Joseph Merlo explains that housekeeping is another significant pollution producer. Consumers buy tons of harsh and powerful cleaning supplies every year, says Joseph Merlo, and most of these chemicals end up in our water system. Joseph Merlo also draws attention to the astonishing amount of packaging supplies wasted on cleaning chemicals and basic household wares. All of this packaging is thrown away, notes Joseph Merlo, and only some of it is recycled. Bottles, cans, plastic wrap, blister packaging and cardboard – Joseph Merlo explains these are just a short list of the ecosystem cluttering by products the typical household adds to the waste flow. Joseph Merlo also lists bleach, detergent, floor cleaner and furniture polish as common chemicals that either add greenhouse gases to the air or deliver ecologically unsound chemicals to the ground and water.

Joseph Merlo explains that humans are not the only culprits denigrating the environment. The natural world itself produces atmosphere-clogging pollutants, says Joseph Merlo, like volcanic eruptions. Joseph Merlo points out that volcanic eruptions spew dust, ash and water vapor into the atmosphere. Joseph Merlo also notes the cloud of detritus produced by a large volcanic eruption can remain suspended in the atmosphere for over a year. The CO2 concentrations of volcanic clouds, adds Joseph Merlo, rival any one instance of human generated pollution.

But Joseph Merlo says that it is unfair to rank volcanoes as gross polluters just to take the responsibility off of humanity. Humans and their industrial processes produce more pollution than natural disasters, says Joseph Merlo, and they produce it faster. Another distinguishing characteristic, adds Joseph Merlo, is that we, as a species working together, can reduce volume of pollutants emitted into the ecosystem. While a volcano can’t go green, concludes Joseph Merlo, people definitely can.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Discusses Alcohol Detoxification Methods

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In their years of treatment, Best Drug Rehabilitation has developed a varied and personalized portfolio of alcohol withdrawal treatment methods.  In the past, explains Best Drug Rehabilitation, alcohol detoxification was addressed by a blanket inpatient medical treatment that involved regular doses of sedatives to dampen the effects of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. According to Best Drug Rehabilitation, this one-size-fits-all method did not address the different needs and levels of severity that alcohol addicts exhibit.

Best Drug Rehabilitation notes that people with moderate to mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms could often detoxify at home with the supervision of a nurse practitioner.  This method, says Best Drug Rehabilitation, can be as safe, effective and much less expensive than inpatient care at a specialized facility.  For addicts with economic troubles as well as drug troubles, Best Drug Rehabilitation reports that this outpatient method may often be an addict’s best chance to clean up.

Severely dependent drinkers, continues Best Drug Rehabilitation, experience much less success with outpatient detoxification, though it is possible.  Best Drug Rehabilitation explains that a severely dependent drinker cannot voluntarily stay away from alcohol and must be monitored more closely.  For this segment of the addict population, Best Drug Rehabilitation suggests more traditional inpatient detoxification.  Such inpatient detoxification programs, says Best Drug Rehabilitation, are also called residential treatment programs.

Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment centers offer residential treatment programs.  The good news about Best Drug Rehabilitation’s modern, holistic approach to residential treatment is that it may not require sedatives to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  For obvious reasons, Best Drug Rehabilitation would rather not supplant an alcoholic’s addiction with another non-alcoholic drug.

Clinical experience has shown that many cases of alcohol detoxification at Best Drug Rehabilitation can be successfully managed without medication.  What an addict usually needs, points out the team of professionals at Best Drug Rehabilitation, is counseling and reassurance in a safe, quiet and supportive environment.  With the help of professional non-medical staff, Best Drug Rehabilitation has been able to foster this environment, to the benefit of hundreds of addicts and their concerned families.

Paul G. Hauf And Associates Offers Business Brokerage Services

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Paul G. Hauf And Associates has a three decades long history of business, consulting experience. They function as mediators in both the purchase as well as the sale of businesses. Individuals who are interested in purchasing or liquidating a business should use the capable, brokerage services of Paul G. Hauf And Associates to expedite this process. Paul G. Hauf And Associates assists buyers and sellers with careful business evaluation, in-depth sales negotiation, and final purchase financing.

One core benefit of using a business brokerage firm, like Paul G. Hauf And Associates, is that they give buyers and sellers access to a much larger “marketplace” than they could possibly find on their own. Paul G. Hauf And Associates maintains an extensive database of hundreds of business listings along with an inventory of thousands of potential buyers to create the “best match” between business buyers and sellers.

Most sellers have invested a great deal of time into growing their businesses. Despite this fact, Paul G. Hauf And Associates finds that the majority of business sellers have no idea as to what their businesses are actually worth.  Often these business owners, notes Paul G. Hauf And Associates, tend to under or over value their enterprises when it comes time to sell. Paul G. Hauf And Associates works closely with sellers to establish the best value for their businesses and to also find the right buyers to complete the sale.

Wise business buyers do not take on an enterprise alone. They locate a reputable mediator, like Paul G. Hauf And Associates, to provide them with experienced advice. Business buyers, particularly in the areas of auto repair businesses, beer & wine stores, convenience stores, dollar stores, fast food businesses, gas stations, liquor stores and restaurants have been looking to Paul G. Hauf ‘s expert guidance for many years. This is because Paul G. Hauf And Associates offers excellent and experienced service to both buyers and sellers alike. With a long and proven track record of success, Paul G. Hauf And Associates provides the valuable cushion between business buyers and business sellers in today’s, dynamic marketplace.

Some Advice from James Smith | Maximizing Art With the Right Frame

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Elsewhere, James Smith has discussed his penchant for collecting beautiful art. In this discussion, James Smith covers the best ways in which to present that art. Beginning collectors should know how to preserve and display an art collection once it has been procured. James Smith outlines some basic art mounting techniques, from matting to expensive hand carved wooden frames.

Matting is the process of mounting a print on an illustration board or thick paper panel. Usually, explains James Smith, matting is simply the first step on the way to more involved framing. James Smith says that once a print is matted, it may then be placed under glass and into a full size frame. But it is not entirely uncommon to stop at matting. James Smith notes that some prints, depending on their quality and value, are mounted on illustration board and displayed directly on the wall. Of course, this is a less sophisticated method, typically associated with posters and adolescent bedroom art. Nevertheless, matting is a necessity for any of the following types of framing.

James Smith suggests that many smaller pieces of art can be mounted in clipped glass or plastic frames. These frames are essentially protective plates laid over matted artwork. They are simple and do little to enhance the artwork itself. They work great for smaller prints, notes James Smith, and they are very affordable and attractive.

For a modern look, James Smith has used brushed metal frames. This frame choice is relatively inexpensive but still elegant. Brushed metal frames come in several colors, but James Smith says that the safest bet is natural, black, or bronze. Bronze is a very common and accessible color for a brushed metal frame. James Smith explains that bronze is not as stark as black and that its neutral quality matches the decor of many homes and galleries where the art will likely be displayed.

James Smith prefers wood frames for a more natural and classic appearance. Wood frames can be ornate or simple and stained to any shade. James Smith adds that cherry and mahogany are commonly favored materials for wooden frames. The deep, ruddy color of these woods adds a touch of age and elegance to the featured artwork.

Konrad Kafarski

Konrad Kafarski

Chiro 8000 Reviews Discuss A Solution to Help Chiropractors Stay Compliant

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Can you imagine playing Monopoly without knowing the rules? Could you win a game of chess without an understanding of how each piece moves? What if the rules kept changing? Unfortunately, say online reviews of Chiro 8000, too many chiropractors suffer from needless headaches because they do not know how to deal with the paperwork (the rules) that goes along with managed care and insurance claims. In addition, as these policies change on a regular basis, it becomes an ongoing challenge to keep up with compliance. As in Monopoly or chess, chiropractors want to win at the “Insurance Game” and not sacrifice their sanity in the process. Chiro 8000 reviews give this Patient Relationship Software a two thumbs up.

Managed care not only demands more paperwork and pays less, points out reviews of Chiro 8000, but it can interrupt an assessment of necessary treatment for patients. Electronic claims filing software reviews acknowledge that Chiro 8000 cannot solve the challenge of insurance companies dictating the number of visits or extent of patient care a policy will cover, but Chiro 8000 reviews say that it does play a significant role in maximizing accounts receivable and the mounds of paperwork that office staff have to deal with each month.

Chiro 8000 reviews point to the need for chiropractors to keep claims compliant. Fortunately, say those reviews of the Chiro 8000, there are software solutions devoted to assisting the chiropractic profession in managing the ins-and-outs of Medicare and insurance billing. The Chiro 8000 consistently receives very positive reviews from satisfied users. Note that a busy office will inherit additional headaches if their software selection does not include built-in provisions for implementing new requirements and protocols like those for which the Chiro 8000 has received reviews. The financial investment and time spent on learning the program will be all for naught if it becomes outdated faster than the return on investment can be achieved.

According to Chiro 8000 reviews, this software was developed after consulting the actual needs of chiropractic offices. A key component considered in the design of Chiro 8000 was the ability of an office to implement the software and free up a doctor to enhance patient care and grow his practice. Additionally, ensuring the availability of Chiro 8000 tech support reviews and educational training consultants was a key factor built into the concept.

The Chiro 8000 – the latest to garner positive reviews for its creator Forte Systems – carries on a 24-year history of designing, implementing, and supporting chiropractic practices with an uncommon level of personal service and care. Chiro 8000 provides services precisely tailored to individual offices, both large and small, taking a personal interest in the success of the doctors they assist.

For more information and reviews about how to take better care of your Chiropractic office with Chiro8000, visit or call 800-456-2622.

Monahan Chiropractic Offers a Complete Approach to Back Pain Relief

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Monahan Chiropractic is known as a community leader in chiropractic treatment. In many practices, chiropractors typically function within limited methods of treatment. Monahan Chiropractic explains that there are four main types of acceptable treatment: traditional straights, objective straights, mixers and reform.

Each group, except for reform, is derived from chiropractic philosophies that facilitate the relief of pain by adjusting patients and then evaluating the results resulting from an adjustment. Many times, complementary treatments are also administered with the basic adjustment. At Monahan Chiropractic, doctors also incorporate additional techniques in addition to adjustments that include massage and electrical stimulation. Monahan Chiropractic utilizes a complete approach to helping patients with aching discomfort. By using a combination of both adjustments and these additional techniques, Monahan Chiropractic helps each client find relief from pain.

Many clients come to Monahan Chiropractic with injuries from playing sports. Medical professionals consider these injuries musculoskeletal problems. Monahan Chiropractic treats musculoskeletal problems with holistic accuracy. Additionally, many practitioners focus on the alignment of each vertebra in relation to the whole spine. Monahan Chiropractic is no exception; doctors there consider all the problems related to a patient’s entire system.

Monahan Chiropractic treatments are frequently described as “alternative medicine.” However, the professionals at Monahan Chiropractic use contemporary methods based in research. Doctors identify combinations of approaches that result in quick treatments, rather than using one single means alone. The treatments that Monahan Chiropractic uses are effective over time. Because prescription drugs commonly mask many ailments, they frequently do not treat the source of the pain. Monahan Chiropractic knows that these approaches often result in more problems down the line.

Monahan Chiropractic uses methods rooted in practice and as well as innovative combinations of treatment for spinal injuries. For those who are not able to improve with one method, Monahan Chiropractic will slowly integrate additional techniques until they find relief.

High Volume Of Gun Sales Keeps Belleville Indoor Shooting Range Busy

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Belleville Indoor Shooting Range has seen unprecedented growth over the last six years. In part this is due to a high level of gun sales. When someone buys a firearm in the southern Illinois area it is a natural progression to seek out instruction. Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers a broad range of instruction for all experience levels.

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers training seminars on subjects such as reloading, gun safety and self defense. Belleville Indoor Shooting Range also offers classes in gun cleaning, maintenance and storage. All aspects of gun ownership are taught at Belleville Indoor Shooting Range. Demand is high. Due to the large number of gun sales, instructor classes are sometimes put on hold, and so Belleville Indoor Shooting Range is growing to meet the demands of the sporting community.

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range is located in Belleville, Illinois and offers services to residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area as well as southern Illinois shooting enthusiasts. The facility offers police and security officer training and is utilized by local law enforcement officers. Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers a solid foundation to gun ownership.